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MAIN NEWS - Featuring all the latest in-depth daily news from around the world and throughout the nation, our Main News section gives readers access to the full stories behind today’s headlines.

NEVADA – The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Nevada and the West section consists of comprehensive news reports covering community, city, county, state and other regional issues daily.

BUSINESS – Our comprehensive Business section offers the latest business, financial and gaming news, including daily stock reports, market indexes and legal notices.

SPORTS – Behind-the-scenes interviews, player profiles, professional analysis and exclusive game photography are just a few ways in which the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Sports section takes coverage beyond the scores and highlights.

TASTE – Featuring stories on the food, and people, of the culinary arts, Wednesday Taste is a uniquely flavorful weekly section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

LIVING – The Sunday Living section showcases the unique cultures and lifestyles that make Las Vegas such a great place to live. Special features highlight social occasions, senior news and activities, and local fine arts and entertainment news.

HOME – Thursday Home is a full-color tabloid section featuring home improvement, style trends, outdoor living and decorating tips.

NEON THURSDAY - Neon Thursday is aimed at local readers and includes information on all things entertainment, including music, movies, media, culture and more.

TRAVEL – Readers are taken on leisurely tours of amazing landscapes both near and far in Travel, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Sunday travel section. The section also offers readers great ideas for outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

VIEWPOINTS – The Review-Journal’s Sunday Viewpoints section contains editorial opinions and a wide variety of columns and commentary from our staff and noted national writers. (This section does not carry advertising.)

TV WEEK – Easy-to-read grids, interesting lead stories and TV-themed crossword puzzles make this handy-sized guide to the small screen a coffee-table keeper. The guide is included with every Sunday edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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DRIVE – Drive is an automobile-focused, promotional section containing the latest news from the auto industry, buying advice and helpful tips for car care.


Almost 340,000 Clark County adults read the daily Las Vegas Review-Journal.
  • Total Readers: 337,200
  • Men: 56.1%, Women 43.9%
  • Medan Age: 54
  • Household Income of $75,000 or more: 35.7%
  • Mean Income: $69,600
  • Own: 74.3%
  • Rent: 24.0%
  • Some College: 37.8%
  • College Graduate: 23.9%

Source: Scarborough Research, Release 2, 2013


More than 425,000 Clark County adults read the Sunday Las Vegas Review-Journal.
  • Total Readers: 426,700
  • Men: 54.5%, Women 45.5%
  • Medan Age: 53
  • Household Income of $75,000 or more: 31.6%
  • Mean Income: $68,700
  • Own: 68.4%
  • Rent: 29.4%
  • Some College: 40.3%
  • College Graduate: 22.5%

Source: Scarborough Research, Release 2, 2013


Las Vegas Review-Journal/Sun (Daily)  233,326
Las Vegas Review-Journal (Sunday) 180,949

Source: AMM Snapshot, September 30, 2013


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1/24 Vertical – 2.34” x 3.25”
*1/32 – 2.34” x 2.5”
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